From simple containers of objects to places that provide new experiences, emotions and forms of entertainment, the purpose of design projects for exhibitions and communication today is no longer about merely content display, but creating interaction.

1P/Primo Piano is a showroom of proposals that make retail, contract, museum and corporate spaces dynamic and engaging.
From the interaction between companies specialized in different fields comes this new project based on combining ideas, materials and technologies.
By integrating design, multimedia and sensors, 1P/Primo Piano develops and proposes experiential installations, and digital and interactive communication solutions.


The pivotal point around which the development of 1P/Primo Piano revolves.

Because 1P/Primo Piano was born to bring together the most advanced stand set-ups of each company, and to generate new ideas – some experimental and truly exclusive. Because it is a direct and active place for interaction, where experience plays a key role and where visitors can personally try each installation.